Gregory MacMichael, Ph.D.

SVP, Global Manufacturing and Production

Dr. MacMichael has served as Nantkwest’s Senior Vice President of Global Manufacturing since 2017. Dr. MacMichael brings more than 33 years of biopharmaceutical experience which includes both the development and manufacturing of a wide range of biologic therapeutics and vaccines. Dr. MacMichael has worked at VP and global head positions at several notable companies including Novartis’ Cell & Gene Therapies Division, Wyeth, Eli Lilly, Chiron, Centocor and Cook. At Novartis, he led the development and scale-up of the widely known CTL019 CAR-T product as well as drug substance and drug product processes for numerous monoclonal antibodies and therapeutic proteins. Prior to joining Novartis, Dr. MacMichael served as Vice President of Vaccine Development at Wyeth, where he was instrumental in the development of Prevnar 7, Prevnar 13 and CAIV (Cold Adapted Influenza Vaccine). At Eli Lilly, he led the development and commercialization of Xigris (Activated Protein C produced in HEK293 cells) and Forteo (parathyroid hormone produced in E. coli). At Chiron, he developed and produced multiple recombinant vaccines produced in CHO cells, and his efforts at Centocor contributed to the development of the monoclonal antibodies Remicade, ReoPro and Centoxin. Dr. MacMichael received his Doctorate of Philosophy in Microbiology/Biochemistry from Mississippi State University, his Masters of Science in Microbiology/Biochemistry from North Carolina State University and graduated with a BS in Microbiology from Pennsylvania State University.