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Lecture highlights “Cancer MoonShot 2020” Urology to largest worldwide gathering of urologists

San Diego, CA – May 7, 2016 – Patrick Soon-Shiong, M.D., founder and CEO of NantWorks, and leader of the Cancer MoonShot 2020 program, will deliver the Ramon Guiteras Lecture, titled “Cancer MoonShot 2020 Urology,” at the American Urological Association Annual Meeting, May 6-10, 2016, at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. Now in its 111th year, the annual AUA meeting brings together urologists and urologic health care professionals worldwide to discuss groundbreaking research, new guidelines and the latest advances in urologic medicine.

A physician, surgeon, scientist and philanthropist, Dr. Soon-Shiong is a thought leader and pioneer in oncology and molecular science. At the AUA 2016 Annual Meeting, Dr. Soon-Shiong will discuss the need for exploitation of immunotherapy and current breakthroughs in immuno-oncology through the Cancer MoonShot 2020 program. Positioned as the next-generation standard of treatment for cancer patients, Dr. Soon-Shiong, in collaboration with some of today’s brightest healthcare leaders, is working to bring combination immunotherapies to cancer patients in an effort to win the war against cancer.

WHO: Patrick Soon-Shiong M.D., FRCS(C), FACS, chairman and chief executive officer, NantWorks; founder of Cancer MoonShot 2020

WHAT: Ramon Guiteras Lecture: “Cancer Moonshot 2020 Urology”

WHEN: Monday, May 9, 9:10-9:30 a.m. PST

WHERE: American Urological Association 111th Annual Meeting
San Diego Convention Center
111 W. Harbor Dr.
San Diego, California 92101

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About Cancer MoonShot 2020
The Cancer MoonShot 2020 program is one of the most comprehensive cancer collaborative initiatives launched to date, seeking to accelerate the potential of combination immunotherapy as the next generation standard of care in cancer patients. This initiative aims to explore a new paradigm in cancer care by initiating randomized Phase II trials in patients at all stages of disease in 20 tumor types in 20,000 patients within the next 36 months. These findings will inform Phase III trials and the aspirational moonshot to develop an effective vaccine-based immunotherapy to combat cancer by 2020. For more information, please visit http://www.CancerMoonShot2020.org and follow Cancer MoonShot 2020 on Twitter.


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